On the front end of projects, I work with executive managers, public relations staff, academics, and other professionals to structure and shape their book-length manuscripts, articles, and speeches into narratives that convey arguments and ideas clearly, compellingly, and concisely. I also assist authors by researching specialized topics particular to their projects. On the back end of projects, I review and edit drafts of manuscripts, articles, and speeches to the end of producing polished texts for delivery to audiences or submission to publishers.

    I have reviewed manuscripts for the University of Illinois Press, Business History Review, and the Journal of Cold War Studies, and have reviewed more than two dozen books in journals and magazines. Recently, I served as consulting editor to Calliope magazine for its “Why Oil?” issue (January 2013). Currently, I am co-editor of the Consultants’ Corner blog on the History@Work Web site, a “public history commons” sponsored by the National Council on Public History.

    I cut my teeth as editor of the Op-Ed page of the State Press, the daily newspaper of Arizona State University. I also edited the newsletter of the Phoenix office of Arthur Andersen & Co. and was a contributing editor to user manuals published by Synon, Inc.

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